COVID-19 Outbound Travel Testing

DynaLIFE is now proudly offering Albertans requiring a test as an entry requirement for travel to international destinations for a fee, as part of the Travel Test Pilot Program lead by the Government of Alberta and Government of Canada.

Jamie Lynn Heintz

“DynaLIFE is truly interested in making sure people in our community have the tools and resources to enter the workforce, and have a good quality of life,” Heintz says. She speaks with energy and conviction that is controlled but cannot disguise her passion.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Lab Prepared for Challenges of 2021

“We have reasons to be hopeful and optimistic in 2021,” said DynaLIFE CEO Jason Pincock.” In 2020 DynaLIFE laid the groundwork to help Alberta’s health science and research systems meet the challenges the new year will throw at us.”

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