Statement From DynaLIFE CEO on AHS Lab Services Contract

June 11, 2021

DynaLIFE CEO Jason Pincock made the following statement in response to Alberta Health Services awarding DynaLIFE a renewed contract to provide diagnostic lab services across the province:

“DynaLIFE appreciates the confidence Alberta Health Services and the Government of Alberta have shown in our commitment to providing top-quality diagnostic lab services to Albertans.

Standing by Albertans and our essential workers and industries through this pandemic has been our honour. Our team takes great pride in supporting communities, and our public health care system.

DynaLIFE has provided diagnostic lab services in Alberta for more than 60 years. This new agreement ensures stability, reliability and excellence in Alberta’s diagnostic industry, and paves the way for new and exciting innovation and industry partnerships.

We look forward to helping build a better, healthier province for generations to come, and to continue contributing to Alberta’s economic recovery.”

Jason Pincock, CEO
DynaLIFE Medical Labs