DynaLIFE Proud to Continue Its Service to Albertans

June 11, 2021

New Alberta Health Services decision expands top-quality diagnostic lab services

EDMONTON – DynaLIFE Medical Labs is excited for the opportunity to move forward with AHS to extend its industry-leading diagnostic lab services in the province of Alberta, following its selection as the preferred proponent by Alberta Health Services.

The opportunity for a renewed agreement brings stability and reliability to Albertans and the 1,300 members of the DynaLIFE team. A new agreement will also support Alberta’s economic recovery and growth efforts, by maintaining a critical relationship with a 60-year Alberta company dedicated to innovation in the life sciences industry.

“We appreciate the confidence the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services have shown in DynaLIFE and our 60 years of service. We are proud to continue serving Alberta communities and supporting Alberta patients,” said DynaLIFE CEO Jason Pincock.

“It’s been a special honour for our team to step up and stand beside Albertans and essential workers and industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together we’ve shown that Albertans can overcome great challenges and can create innovation and opportunity when the province needs it most,” he added. “We’re excited to explore what the future holds for our industry, the communities we serve, and for all Albertans.”

DynaLIFE is looking forward to the development of a foundational new lab services platform for Albertans and will share alongside AHS further details of its renewed vision for Alberta’s diagnostic lab services in the months to come.

Media Inquiries

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About DynaLIFE

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, DynaLIFE Medical Labs is a major Canadian medical laboratory offering a complete range of diagnostic testing services. Our 1,300 employees are proud to be seen as industry leaders – bringing reliable, innovative services to more than 2,000 physicians for two million patient visits annually – performing greater than 19 million laboratory tests every year. DynaLIFE has been operating clinical laboratory facilities in Alberta for more than 60 years.