Jamie Lynn Heintz

Sharks and ketchup, are the things of nightmares for DynaLIFE’s Human Resources business partner Jamie Lynn Heintz.

“I just hate ketchup. But with my last name, it’s funnier,” Heintz says. “Also, I have long-lasting trauma watching a shark attack on Baywatch. I’m terrified of being eaten by a shark one day. I’ll never go on a cruise. A shark could jump up and eat me off the boat.”

Charming ice-breakers like this are Heintz’s stock-in-trade at DynaLIFE. Over nearly 12 years with the company, she has used her unique perspective on life, work, family and community to carve out a role like few others in the world of HR.

On paper, Heintz’s title is too long to print – it’s not even on her business card – but the most exciting thrust of her day-to-day work is essentially community outreach. It redefines what many companies refer to as “Corporate Social Responsibility.”

“DynaLIFE is truly interested in making sure people in our community have the tools and resources to enter the workforce, and have a good quality of life,” Heintz says. She speaks with energy and conviction that is controlled but cannot disguise her passion.

Heintz is well aware that what she does for DynaLIFE is something far beyond people’s typical expectations of a lab company. She’s proud of what it means.

“Our recruitment process has grown over the years to help anyone who needs and wants a job anywhere. We work with different organizations in the social sector to help our clients write resumes and find jobs in our communities – anywhere. It’s not specific to DynaLIFE,” she explains.

Heintz’s ketchup and shark attack anecdotes tell of her disarming approach to those she helps.

“It’s about doing good things for good people. It’s about being good human beings. It’s amazing. It feels good. And it is directly linked to what we do as a company. Your health is everything, in every aspect of your life,” Heintz continues. As she speaks her eyes crinkle. Behind her mask, her smile is growing wider.

“Do you need help preparing for an interview to be a greeter? We’re here for you. Through our partnerships, we do that. It’s cool, and it’s rare, and it’s right.”

Since graduating from NAIT, Heintz’s career has been focused on recruitment. The DynaLIFE role was the first that combined her professional interests with her dedication to community and well-being.

Heintz says her determination and conviction are partly inspired by her lifelong perseverance living with an autoimmune condition. She was diagnosed with lupus at age five. At the time, she was one of the youngest people in Canada to be diagnosed with lupus. Two years prior, at age three, she was diagnosed with arthritis.

“My involvement with the Lupus Society of Alberta’s various initiates and the awareness we raised positively influenced how people with lupus are treated here. I’m proud of that,” she says. “And I’ve grown into a person that nothing will ever stop. I bring a positive attitude to everything I do. And DynaLIFE recognizes that, and they embrace it, and they let me share it. That’s incredible isn’t it?”

Today Heintz is a married mother of two. Her children are aged nine and seven. She credits her large supportive family and colleagues, with the opportunities she’s been given, and her passion for helping others.

Through DynaLIFE, Heintz sits on the Pan Disability Connection, a group of employers working to eliminate systemic barriers to employment for people with disabilities.

“I gravitate to community, and DynaLIFE does too. So, it’s a good fit. My whole life I’ve thought of my condition as enabling me, not disabling me. Our programs help people who maybe haven’t been as fortunate as me,” she offers.

“Our work is about a heart connection, and it matters.”