DynaLIFE Partners with Rapid Infection Diagnostics Inc. to Launch New UTI Diagnostics Platform

DynaLIFE is pleased to announce a new partnership with Alberta-based Rapid Infection Diagnostics (RID) Inc. to develop a rapid test for diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTIs). This new technology could allow diagnostic test results to be available over 30 hours faster than is currently possible. UTIs are one of the most common bacterial infections and are major reason for emergency department visits. Quickly detecting and treating UTIs minimizes the risk of severe infection, which in certain cases may progress to life-threatening cases of urosepsis.

“DynaLIFE’s world-leading expertise is critical for rigorously testing our Hopper™ platform,” commented Dr. Ian Lewis, founder of RID Inc. and Associate Professor and Alberta Innovates Translational Health Chair in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary. “Having access to both a clinical laboratory setting as well as access to patient samples is crucial for getting this innovative technology to Alberta patients.”

Dr. Lewis and his team developed Hopper™ in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific. This breakthrough in diagnostic testing technology uses a mass spectrometer to detect the molecules produced by the bacteria that cause these infections. “It’s a case where bacteria poop may save your life because these diagnostic molecules are specific to each species of microbe and can be detected in under a minute,” says Dr. Lewis. “Our partnership with DynaLIFE will give us the ability to analyze more than a thousand samples per day using a single instrument.” In addition, Hopper™ can also determine which antibiotics will be effective against each infection, a critical element of the clinical diagnostic testing process.

“The work from Dr. Lewis and his team is another fantastic example of health innovation happening in our province,” remarks Jason Pincock, CEO of DynaLIFE. “Our team is currently evaluating this ground-breaking platform at our Accelerator Lab in downtown Edmonton, and we look forward to providing our clinical setting to validate their technology and help bring it closer to market.”

Supported by Alberta Innovates and the University of Calgary’s UCeed program that was launched in 2020, the Hopper™ technology developed under this partnership will provide clinicians with timely information for properly treating urinary tract infections. Knowing exactly which species of microbe is present and which drugs will be most effective in treating it will allow doctors to precisely tailor the dose and type of drugs they prescribe. This will minimize the incorrect treatment of these infections, reduce inappropriate antibiotic use, and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.

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