Jamie Lynn Heintz

“DynaLIFE is truly interested in making sure people in our community have the tools and resources to enter the workforce, and have a good quality of life,” Heintz says. She speaks with energy and conviction that is controlled but cannot disguise her passion.

Dave Litwin

Litwin’s passion for learning got him where he is today, in a position that demonstrates the value of education and training for the entire DynaLIFE team.

Marlene Cairney

As Cairney tells it, DynaLIFE’s ability to serve patients during such challenges is only possible because of the unparalleled compassion, sacrifice and determination of her team and the DynaLIFE family.

Greg Rozak

Greg leads DynaLIFE’s Facilities and Materials Management team, which is like the organization’s vital organ. If his departments aren’t pumping – buying, stocking and distributing materials to their many facilities across the province – critical lab work isn’t flowing.