DynaLIFE and its staff are committed to the communities we serve and actively participate in charities, community projects, and laboratory governing agencies because we believe that when the communities we call home succeed, we succeed. The values we live every day in how we treat our employees and serve our customers extend to how we participate, contribute and give back to the communities in which we live and work.

Each year, DynaLIFE selects a non-profit organization to be its Charity of Choice for that year. We engage in these partnerships because we don’t want to simply make a donation, but actually get to know the people, faces, and stories of the organization that is making a positive impact in the community. We believe this is important because once you become a community partner with us, you become a part of our awe-inspiring DynaLIFE team.

Charitable organizations part of our DynaLIFE team include:

DynaLIFE 2020-2021 Charity of Choice

“For non-profits that work with low income people, finding support in the community means we can provide more services at a lower cost so more of our people can participate, and we can provide more services to them.

During a pandemic, DynaLIFE’s partnership has meant ESC being able to reach out to seniors through video conferencing, telephone calls, etc. and their support was one of the reasons we were able to have the impact we had serving seniors. Our seniors who had internet access could join online support groups, those who didn’t could become part of calling pods that checked in on each other weekly.

Because of DynaLIFE we were able to continue to bring health and wellness information to seniors through our first virtual health and wellness conference, where Councillor Scott McKeen did an inspiring talk about mental health and its importance during times like we are facing. DynaLIFE understood what a two day conference full of information on health and wellness would mean to seniors looking for kind of knowledge.

As if that wasn’t enough, DynaLIFE is making it possible for us to impact the lives of seniors who are at risk for online fraud schemes. With the pandemic, seniors are online more than ever and the criminals know that, taking advantage of their lack of knowledge about the devious ways seniors are targeted. Because of DynaLIFE, we are able to create a service that helps educate seniors about ways to protect themselves.

The impact of DynaLIFE not only on ESC, but on the lives of vulnerable seniors has been miraculous, enabling more seniors to be helped in a time when they need it most.”


“Strong community partnerships have been instrumental in helping Little Warriors offer world class programs to help prevent and treat child sexual abuse.

When I founded Little Warriors to help prevent and treat child sexual abuse, I knew that I couldn’t do it alone and I needed to build a strong team to help me. I am honoured that DynaLIFE’s CEO Jason Pincock has served as Vice Chair on our board of directors for almost 10 years; he has helped shape the organization with his dedication and strong leadership.

DynaLIFE has been a sponsor at our Be Brave Luncheon for several years, which helps make this our signature fundraiser to support the life changing treatment at the Be Brave Ranch. Some of their key team members have even organized donation drives and fundraisers. All of us at Little Warriors are grateful for this valuable partnership with such an amazing company that gives so much back to the community.”

Glori Meldrum
Little Warriors Founder and Board Chair

“Bissell Centre started its connection with DynaLIFE when Jason Pincock, the current Chief Executive Officer of DynaLIFE, joined Bissell Centre’s Board of Governors in February, 2013. During his tenure, Mr. Pincock reached out to Bissell Centre at every opportunity to help us achieve our mission of ending poverty in our community and was significantly influential in helping Bissell Centre determine its strategic directions.

The Board of Governors requested Mr. Pincock extend his Board tenure for an additional year and he agreed to do so in order to continue to support Bissell Centre’s strategic goals and to ensure a smooth succession within his Board roles. DynaLIFE has reached out to help Bissell Centre countless times including office furniture, technology equipment, AED’s, needle boxes, shelving and cupboards, socks, underwear, winter gear and other clothing items, along with many other much-needed items for our facilities and community members.

In 2018, DynaLIFE heard about Bissell Centre’s need to transport donations and kindly donated to Bissell Centre a cube van. When the pandemic hit our community, DynaLIFE supported Bissell Centre with emergency personal protective equipment, at a critical point when very little PPE was available to Bissell Centre.

A few years ago, DynaLIFE generously offered risk management training by its internal risk management experts to some of our Management and Leadership Team members, which was extensive and has resulted in Bissell Centre being extremely proud of the resultant comprehensive risk management system and register.

More recently, after learning about Bissell Centre’s comprehensive data tracking system and strategy, DynaLIFE offered its financial analytics and reporting expertise to a few of our team members to discuss data management systems and software, which was instrumental to the growth of Bissell Centre’s data analysis systems.

Bissell Centre is and has been thankful for the ongoing community partnership and, even more so, the authentic relationship that has been built over the years between the two organizations. Thank you so much, DynaLIFE, for helping Bissell Centre and our community!”

Bissell Centre

“Terra shares DynaLIFE’s commitment to strengthening our communities. Together, we are ensuring teen parents in Edmonton can thrive and create stronger futures for themselves and their children. We value our solid partnership and have been touched by the big hearts and generosity of DynaLIFE and its employees. In addition to generous corporate support of our programs and services, staff members have raised funds and in-kind donations for young families. DynaLIFE’s openness and enthusiasm for collaborating in different, non-traditional ways has sparked excitement and new ideas, broadening our horizons for the possibilities of philanthropy. As a community-serving organization, it is important to be flexible and innovative and we are so grateful to DynaLIFE for helping Terra respond to the unique needs of teen parents.”

Terra Centre

“DynaLIFE and Boyle McCauley Health Centre have a great partnership that focuses on ensuring that some of the most vulnerable members of our community have easy access to comprehensive and compassionate health care. Through their long time commitment and support of the work of Boyle McCauley Health Centre, DynaLIFE and its employees have demonstrated the impact that socially responsive businesses can have in their community and the difference that they can make in individual lives.”

Boyle McCauley Health Centre